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An Established Financial Services Group is looking for a Claims Manager to be responsible for the management of the Claims department and ensuring that the company fulfils its obligations of assuming insurable risks of its customers, while mitigating any risk to the company on claims fraud.

Position Published
10 Apr 2019
Position Updated
10 Apr 2019
Applications Received
78 Applications
Talent Search
Shortlist Completed
6 Shortlisted
Interviews In Progress
2 Interviewed
Job Offer Pending
80% Complete
10 Apr
Applications Received
Search Completed
Shortlist Completed
Interviews In Progress
Job Offer Pending
78 Applications
6 Candidates Shortlisted
2 Candidates Interviewed
80% Complete
Job Specification
Reporting Structure
Reporting To
Managing Executive
Supervision Of
Claims Department
Interacts With
Management, Clients, Relevant Authorities
Job Description
Strategically lead and manage the Department and ensure efficient delivery of services.
Evaluate claims with a view of ensuring compliance
Ensure the department provides prompt and efficient service to clients, intermediaries and healthcare providers
Initiate and oversee claims processing
Co-ordinate and supervise disbursement of claims payments to clients, intermediaries and healthcare providers
Offer professional technical support to clients, management and other staff members in all areas related to claims including risk managemen
Liaise with Sales and Underwriting Departments and Executive Management on business trends and customer care needs and satisfaction
Liaise with Underwriting and Legal team on claims matters, trends and technical policy interpretation
Prompt generation of monthly departmental and business performance reports and make relevant recommendations.
Continuously analyse claims trends, recommend and implement risk management measures
Analyse performance of service providers and make appropriate recommendations and follow up implementation as necessary.
Make period visits to key health care providers and clients to collect market feedback and make appropriate recommendations
Deliver client-centric processes and solutions
Develop, implement and manage a team with the requisite skills required to deliver on the strategy for the short-, medium- and long-term.
Demonstrate exemplary leadership behaviour, through personal involvement, commitment and dedication in support of organisational values.
Create a positive work climate and culture to energise employees, give meaning to work, minimise work disruption and maximise employee productivity
Drive a culture that guides and directs best practice, fostering an environment of continuous learning, improvement and cohesiveness
Develop, implement and manage a team with the requisite skills required to deliver on the strategy for the short-, medium- and long-term
Identify, define, communicate and obtain buy-in for performance expectations through the implementation of an aligned Balanced Scorecard
Effectively manage performance within the team in order to ensure business objectives are achieved
Assess the training needs of the department, carry out staff performance appraisals
Conduct continuous training, guidance, coaching and mentoring for the team.
Candidate Specification
7 years
Education Level
Degree in Insurance, Diploma in Insurance is a must
Industry related
Job related
Knowledge Of
In depth understanding of local Insurance laws, practices and regulatory requirements in Zambia
Skills To
Excellent customer service, communication and negotiation skills
Ability To
to make appropriate judgement calls when faced with complex situations requiring quick and non pre-prescribed actions and responses
High sense of ethics and accountability, Leader , Business Acumen
Must have knowledge and experience in handling health and life claims
Insurance, Financial Services
Dynamic, Multicultural
Gender Profile
Age Profile
Between 28 and 45 years of age
Terms And Conditions
Lusaka, Zambia
At most $3,000 USD
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