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Our client in the Banking Sector is looking for a results driven Corporate Relationship Manager to ensure awareness of the Banks strategy and how the vision and objectives of the Corporate Banking Division support this. The successful candidate will be responsible for understanding the necessity for and conforming to the Banks risk policies and procedures and ensure that clients are handled in a professional manner.

Position Published
13 Aug 2019
Position Updated
15 Aug 2019
Applications Received
211 Applications
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13 Aug
Applications Received
Search In Progress
Shortlist In Progress
Interviews In Progress
Job Offer Pending
211 Applications
14 Candidates Shortlisted
0 Candidates Interviewed
60% Complete
Job Specification
Reporting Structure
Reporting To
Head - Corporate Banking
Supervision Of
Corporate Department
Interacts With
Management, Clients, Key Stakeholders
Job Description
Responsible for proactively and continually researching, analysing and collecting information and input from a variety of reliable sources (e.g. network, newspaper, CRM / Rapport, Market Risk, Standard Equities, internet) in order to identify business opportunities and/or pre-empt risk for both the client, and industry/market and the bank
Ensure that all operational aspects (e.g. documentation in place) of a new or changes to an existing business transaction/deal are in place prior to it being authorised/actioned
Must have the ability to balance associated risks with particular clients needs and to act in a manner which is of long term benefit to both the Bank and the Client.
Ensure that you understand, recognise and act on crisis / urgent situations in an appropriate manner in order to limit risk and maximise profitability
Responsible for developing and maintaining credible relationships with clients at appropriate levels through reliable, proactive service delivery and the skilful application of specialist knowledge.
Responsible for being 100% available to client and first point of contact for transactional products and credit related aspects.
Ensure that clients are kept up to date with bank related changes influencing them e.g. rate moves.
Responsible for maintaining strong working relationships with interrelated areas of the bank in order to facilitate co-operation and the smooth running of required processes.
Responsible for proactively and reactively researching market and client related aspects and communicating findings to the Head Corporate/or specialists in other units in order to pre-empt business risks and opportunities
Ensure that clients utilise all appropriate transactional products to their benefit and that these are grouped/structured to maximise efficiency, value add and cost-benefit ratio
Responsible for proactively identifying and researching new business opportunities and follow up on cross selling or marketing opportunities.
Ensure to refer corporate product leads to specialists/other units while actively pre-empting and follow up on transactional needs and leads within a given portfolio
Responsible for setting service levels, supporting and motivating the RSOs to achieve their targets.
Manages the integration, development and performance of the RSOs to ensure that their efforts result in long term business growth and profitability
Responsible for assisting and coaching RSOs in the co-ordination of business presentations to significant corporate clients with other specialists, banking product/service providers, in order to provide coherent, convincing, realistic deliverable and profitable services to the client and bring in new business.
Candidate Specification
5 years
Education Level
Banking and Finance Degree or related
Microsoft Office
Job related
Knowledge Of
customer relationship management principles and practices
Skills To
Excellent Communication skills
Ability To
Lead a team, Ability to match client and product knowledge to identify cross selling opportunities and/or pre-empt clients financial and business needs
Committed, Emotional Intelligence, Assertive, Well groomed
Dynamic, Fast paced
Gender Profile
Age Profile
Between 30 and 45 years of age
Terms And Conditions
Lusaka, Zambia
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Remuneration will be paid in ZMK.
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