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An Established Financial Services Group is looking for an Underwriting Manager to be primarily responsible for providing leadership, support and guidance to the underwriting team. The successful candidate will be in charge of ensuring that the underwriting team complies with the goals, objectives and standards of the organization in order to meet customer satisfaction and deadlines.

Position Published
9 Apr 2019
Position Updated
9 Apr 2019
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9 Apr
Applications Suspended
Search Completed
Shortlist Completed
Interviews In Progress
Job Offer Pending
35 Applications
5 Candidates Shortlisted
2 Candidates Interviewed
85% Complete
Job Specification
Reporting Structure
Reporting To
Managing Executive
Supervision Of
Underwriting Team
Interacts With
Clients, Management, Relevant Regulatory Authorities
Job Description
Develop, implement and monitor short and long term objectives, policies and standard operating procedures for the department in accordance with industry standards to ensure the department remains competitive and relevant in the industry.
Establish and promote healthy business processes that ensure efficient and effective client delivery within set expectations and agreed performance standards in the department
Vet all risks to ensure that only quality business is accepted into the company at acceptable rates.
Underwrites new and renewal business to achieve desired financial results within a designated underwriting territory
Ensuring that risks undertaken by the company are adequately covered through reinsurance programmes
Co-ordinate and supervise approval of policies, endorsements, certificates and all underwriting matters while ensuring high levels of accuracy and quality of documentation.
Collaborate with relevant departments on business trends, rates, competition, product review and customer care needs and satisfaction so as to sustain a competitive edge in the market.
Collaborate with the business development section in areas of business re-engineering, cross-marketing, potential business opportunity identification and provide professional advice on the same.
Contribute and ensure compliance to governance, relevant legislation and risk mitigation strategies.
Support strategic planning at a market or regional level including participation in multi-year planning efforts and making projections based on emerging account experience and trends.
Apply an awareness of industry trends, competitive landscape, and factors that influence the marketplace and the regulatory environment to facilitate and develop strong pricing, risk selection, and decision making across a regional portfolio of risks as well as mitigate operational risks and optimize our processes
Assesses, calculates and specifies the conditions under which the company is willing to accept risk on group life and disability business for in-force customers. This includes, but is not limited to, the review and analysis of risk criteria, demographic data, financial data, rating formulas, case specific experience, product filings and statutory requirements.
Independently applies Underwriting judgment, formulates pricing decisions, negotiates within their authority limit, and handles standard to complex reporting requests. Understands and applies current pricing strategy across the book of business
Demonstrates an awareness of industry trends, competitive landscape and factors that influence the marketplace and regulatory environment
Offer professional insurance and technical support to clients, executives and other staff members in all areas including risk management and reinsurance business acceptance and placements
Ensure effective relationships and SLA management with internal and external stakeholders
Demonstrate exemplary leadership behaviour, through personal involvement, commitment and dedication in support of organisational values.
Create a positive work climate and culture to energise employees, give meaning to work, minimise work disruption and maximise employee productivity
Develop, implement and manage a team with the requisite skills required to deliver on the strategy for the short-, medium- and long-term
Candidate Specification
7 years
Education Level
Bachelors degree in insurance, Diploma in Insurance is a must.
Industry related
Job related
Knowledge Of
In depth understanding of local Insurance laws, practices and regulatory requirements in Zambia
Skills To
excellent planning and execution skills, very persuasive
Ability To
Lead a team and inspire change
High Energy, High sense of ethics and accountability, Target Driven
Specialist in life and medical business underwriting and or claims management
Insurance, Financial Services
Dynamic, Multicultural
Gender Profile
Age Profile
Between 28 and 45 years of age
Terms And Conditions
Lusaka, Zambia
At most $3,000 USD
This job is closed from applications.
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