Industrial Equipment Supplier, Kitwe, Zambia

Our Client is currently looking for someone to fill the vacancy for HUB Supply Chain Manager to be based in Zambia. This person will oversee both Zambia and DRC and needs to speak French and English. They also need to have some SAP experience. 10 years in international Supply Chain / Logistics

Position Published
28 Jun 2019
Position Updated
28 Jun 2019
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82 Applications
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28 Jun
Applications Received
Search In Progress
Shortlist In Progress
Interviews Pending
Job Offer Pending
82 Applications
0 Candidates Shortlisted
0 Candidates Interviewed
45% Complete
Job Specification
Reporting Structure
Reporting To
General Manager
Supervision Of
Interacts With
Management, Clients, Customers, External contacts
Job Description
Customer Satisfaction - Ensure the customer satisfaction while maintaining the logistics costs with the targeted objectives by:
Oversee and analyze the regional supply chain performance
In collaboration with the SC Project Managers based in Belgium , define the key improvement projects in the improvement of our service level and/ or in the control of our costs and coordinate the implementation of these improvements with the various internal and external actors
Make sure of the good understanding and the application of the processes and the procedures at the local level
Ensure that every supply chain management step is functioning effectively to avoid costly delays and lost sales opportunities
Ensure that materials,parts and components are available at the exact point and time in which it is needed
Procurement and Inventory Control:
Manage purchasing aspects through the development and implementation of strong procedures and operating guidelines, in accordance with the group supply chain regulations
Control and monitor price/quantities, constantly reviewing activities and agreements in line with business objectives
Ensure the inventory and controlling of stocks of local/ regional sides:
Monitor stock movement and levels the objective of optimizing economic and financial aspects whilst minimizing out of stock situation with regards to sustaining business productivity
Institute and promote internal control, quality control, stock protection and disposal measures to achieve the best financial advantage for the Hub entities.
Develop a strong knowledge of the current customs procedures existing in the different countries of the region (risk management and opportunities in the present and in the future)
Ensure an effective internal/external communication mechanism is in place to support the provision of an efficient logistics processes within the countries by:
Maintain an effective communication link with key logistics suppliers and agents
Liaise with Government Officials to ensure a positive and proactive approach to imports and stock acquisitions
Supporting the local teams to solve the struggling situations
Local Team Management:
Communicate his needs and objectives to line managers and key personnel in supply chain and ensure the entire team understand the timing required and individual input necessary to make the processes run smoothly
Establishes and manage the budget and the investments needed for the regional supply chain activities and ensures the follow-up and the respect of targets
Lead the supply chain local team by providing coaching and mentoring as required in accordance with the business annual performance review system
Train, develop and assist his subordinates in all of the sections that fall within the supply chain process
Provide functional and personal objectives as well as regular feedback on achievements and follow up on outstanding priorities
Candidate Specification
10 years
Education Level
Management of Supply Chain / Logistics
Business IT systems & software like XLS, PPT but also ERP systems like SAP
Job related
Knowledge Of
Mining / Construction / Automotive Industry
Skills To
Customer focus; Results orientation; Analytical thinking; good communication skills
Ability To
Work in a multinational environment, work both strategically/operationally
Initiative & Proactivity; Open minded & stress resistant
Managing teams located at different places in Africa
Industrial Equipment Supplier
Professional; Dynamic
Gender Profile
Age Profile
Between 30 and 50 years of age
Terms And Conditions
Kitwe, Zambia
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Remuneration will be paid in ZMK.
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